DC Tours was established in 2013

DC Tours was established in 2013.  Our goal is to enable our guests to learn as much about the Troubles in Northern Ireland as possible in the time available.

There are a number of competing stories told in the tours of our city; on the one hand is the ‘official line’ taken by many tour providers, who are selective as to what they include in their tour and where they visit in order to represent a post-conflict city and the message that the Troubles have ended, and on the other hand, the ‘Political Tours’ which focus on the murals and peaceline in inner city west Belfast.  Delivered by tour guides who for the most part grew up in these communities, these tours tend to be more subjective and reflect either a republican or loyalist narrative, brought to life through the personal experiences of the guide, and leaving the tourist to decide which version of events to accept.

We aim to bridge the gap between these two narratives, delivering a tour that marries the neutrality of our city centre spaces with the legacy of the conflict in our segregated inner city communities.  We believe this allows us to explain the conflicted history of our city and how it continues to affect our daily lives and aspirations for the future as objectively as possible.

Our lead guide is a Politics & Irish History graduate and History lecturer who has worked extensively as a mediator and facilitator with various interface communities and Victims & Survivors groups across Northern Ireland.  All our (WorldHost trained) guides are graduates and conflict historians who have grown up in Northern Ireland during the Troubles and weave their own stories and experiences into their tours to provide a truly authentic experience for our guests.