Our Purpose

The aim of the tour in its simplest form is to connect the most important sites in Belfast City Centre’s history of the Troubles, explain how the conflict began, how it affected the daily lives of its citizens and demonstrate the city’s regeneration. But also, to examine how elements such as acceptance, forgiveness, honesty and reconciliation have combined to move the city so far from it’s traumatic past.

Reconciliation Tourism

“Despite its focus on historic events, reconciliation tourism is not about the past.  It is a counter against exploitation of the past for political or personal purposes, and about taking control of the future.  Sites devoted to the reconciliation objective require us to look into ourselves and to maintain our awareness of the extent to which a repetition of such evils remains a continuing possibility.”  Ian Kelly, International Institute for Peace through Tourism, 2007

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”  George Santayana, 1905