Our guides use tablets as part of the tour, loaded with historic images of the Troubles to allow our guests to picture what life was like during this time, and appreciate the differences in the city between then and now.

This gallery is our Pinterest account, and is made up of some of our favourites; some truly iconic images, some mundane, insightful or poignant, and others which reflect our own dark humour.

A History of Terror: Dead Centre Tours Belfast | A Belfast Walking Tour. Travel in Northern Ireland.
Northern Ireland - Derry
Members of the Derry brigade of the IRA.
Clinton and a mural
Very surprised to see anything orange at this display to be honest
Grand Central Hotel, Belfast- Army Barracks in the seventies
Cumann na mBann explosives training
'Being in Belfast!': Places to visit in A day in Belfast! Shankhill road full of murals, the Titanic museum fully renovated and many more amazing places!
Christine Spengler - Belfast, Northern Ireland 1988
1969-1999 - Deaths by status of victim during the troubles. From BBC News
One of the watchtowers at the former Long Kesh site.
Royal Ulster Constabulary
Belfast murals – in pictures from The Guardian
Bogside, Derry, Northern Ireland
Ian Berry - Belfast, Northern Ireland (1981)
When an IRA bomb wrecked Manchester city centre in 1996, this red pillar box was left standing amid the rubble on Corporation Street. Picture: Philip Hollis
Rioters turn a burning lorry into a barricade in the Divis Flats area of Belfast, after violence erupted following the death of Irish Republican Army hunger striker and Member of Parliament Bobby Sands in the Maze prison. (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images). 6th May 1981
Police Service Northern Ireland (PSNI) armoured Landrover takes a direct hit from a petrol bomb thro by George Sweeney - Photo 62729089 - 500px
army check point
British Army soldiers stand in front of a burning building during the Northern Ireland riots of August 1969, Londonderry/Derry -