Between 1971 and 1998 Belfast City Centre was the setting for many tragic incidents of the sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland (The Troubles). Our unique walking tour of the City Centre visits the actual sites of some of the most significant events.

The tour explains how the Troubles began, tells the stories of the people involved, their place in the conflict and the effect these attacks and incidents had on the city and its people. It also shows how far the city has come since the ceasefires and Peace Process.

A History of Terror is recognised not only as the No.1 walking tour in the city, but also as one of the most unbiased, engaging and accessible insights into the conflict for visitors of nearly all ages. (We recommend the tour for ages 12+).

This is not a sightseeing tour in the strictest sense. There is no physical reminder or legacy of the incidents involved. Belfast City Centre is now an active, vibrant place, far removed from the time when it was secured with a ring of steel and security checkpoints at every entry point. The tour examines the dark past of our city through historical accounts and the stories of those involved. Our walking tour allows you to get a real feel for the history of the city, – many of our guests say they have felt transported back in time through the rich and detailed story-telling.

It offers total locational authenticity; we will bring you to the sites of many of the most significant incidents in the history of the Troubles, such as Bloody Friday, when 23 car bombs were driven into the city, resulting in a huge loss of life. It is then for you to decide whether these incidents have left an invisible but indelible mark.

The tour will allow you to explore the darkest period in Belfast’s recent past and also appreciate the reconciliation and regeneration which has taken place.  It is honest, accurate, objective and enthralling.

We understand this period of our history can appear hugely confusing to visitors to our city, and you may have many questions, – we guarantee our guides are capable of answering each and every one.

The tour costs £15 per person.