What I did on my holidays

As many of you know we discuss commemoration and memorialisation a bit on our tours, driven partially by the fact that there is no physical marker at any of the sites we visit.

It’ll come as no surprise that in our spare time we are in the habit of visiting other dark and conflict tourism sites ourselves. Last year I got to spend a week travelling around Croatia and Bosnia hunting out some spomeniks. The memorials were constructed during Tito’s reign of the former Yugoslavia to commemorate battlefields, massacres and concentration camps from WWII (the Jasenovac stone flower is particularly stunning). However, rather than building statues to generals from one ethnic group or another, Tito chose to build these abstract beauties. After his fall from power, many of these legacies of his time also fell into abandonment (most, but not all). Hope you enjoy the photos and see how a country can embrace and commemorate a difficult past with style!

Finger crossed we’re off to Serbia, Montenegro and maybe even Kosovo for another spomenik road trip in September. Will try to post the photos faster next time!

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