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Over 98% of our guests who have reviewed A History of Terror on TripAdvisor have rated it as ‘Excellent’, with many saying it was the highlight of their whole trip.  Here’s a few examples of what they say.  We love our guests!

“The idea of a walking tour is never one that has particularly appealed to me. I’ve always found them to contain generic, scripted content delivered by joyless and uninformed individuals. Fortunately, after spending an afternoon with Paul, I can say that this couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to DC Tours.”

“It was the most memorable part of a fascinating trip to Northern Ireland.”

“Paul was fantastic and provided background and stories that all visitors to Belfast should know. He was very courteous and left no question unanswered. This is a “do not miss” tour and my entire family recommends it.”

“This tour was the highlight of our weekend in Belfast and is a must-do for anyone wanting a balanced, insightful and revealing commentary on Belfast’s recent history.”

“It absolutely was one of the highlights of our trip to Belfast. We have done a lot of walking tours all over the world. This is one of the best we’ve done.”

“Little did we realise how this tour would help us leave two days later with the city having captured a place in our hearts.”

“Our guide Paul was absolutely amazing. His passion and enthusiasm overflowed, so much so that we nearly forgot how wet we were. We were so captivated that we loved every minute. He was so knowledgeable and completely unbiased.”

“I think that a visit to Belfast and this tour is a must for every single person in Britain, to see and hear the story of the troubles in what is a corner of their nation.”

“I am so grateful to Paul for the part he played in the wonderful eye opening experience that my family and I have just had. Thanks again Paul.”

“This was the most thought provoking, informative and riveting tour I’ve ever experienced.”

“I wanted to go on a tour which provided a great deal of insight but avoided some of the crass zoo exhibitionism or sensationalist slant which I worried the black taxi tours would lean too heavily on. I got exactly what I wanted in this tour.”

“The tour lasted about 2 hours and honestly, I could have walked around for another two hours listening and reflecting on what Paul was telling me.”

“It was massively interesting, sent my head spinning with thoughts and filled me with empathy, and immensely compelling.”

“An absolute must for any traveller who wants to get under the skin of Northern Ireland today.”

“What an absolutely incredible tour. If you want to understand what this city is about, take this tour. Our highlight in Belfast.”

“Paul is nothing short of superb. Forget the Black Cabs, this is the best tour if you want to begin to understand this conflict.  His ability to communicate the strategic, political and social imperatives that drove people’s actions had us spell bound.”

“There is a very real reason why this tour is so popular.  Paul is the epitome of the perfect guide–extremely knowledgeable, passionate about his city and its history, interesting, funny, and truly engaging.”

“Enthralling, highly recommended, and definitely the highlight of our visit to Belfast.”

“Having done a fair bit of reading on the Troubles, I thought I understood it, but it didn’t really “click” for me until I took this tour.”

“This tour was just amazing.”

“This tour is a reflection of all that is best about the new Northern Ireland.”

“The history of Belfast is tragic but this tour also shows the hope, the restoration and happiness that is the Belfast of today.” 

“This should be the first tour anyone should take in Belfast, it will change the way you view the city, and bring it all into context.”

“Our guides were extraordinarily knowledgable and respectful in their delivery of this difficult history.”

“The end of the tour, talking about reconciliation and hope for the future, is well linked to all the stories that have come before it, and is truly inspirational.”

“Truly the genuine article.  If you only have one day in Belfast, do this tour.”

“This was voted as the best City tour ever by our family.”

“I would HIGHLY recommend that anyone reading this review books the tour. You will not regret it.”

“I was enthralled from the start.”

“We have been on lots of tours in Ireland but this one stood out as absolutely first class.”

“Absolutely brilliant & the best value for money tour I have ever been on.  if you do nothing else when you go to Belfast don’t miss this walking tour!”

“It made a significant emotional impact on us and enriched our stay in this beautiful city, which has come so far in recent years.”

 “Nowhere else I’ve seen someone handling such a delicate issue with that degree of care, impartiality and accuracy.”

“We learnt a lot and think the tour is a great gift to a city that has experienced so much.”

“The guide was excellent. To repeat, EXCELLENT! He was passionate without being biased and knowledgeable without burying you in detail.”

“I cannot impress on you how much these guys helped illuminate my understanding of ‘the Troubles’.”

“History with a personal touch came to life through the brilliant storytelling of the guide.”

“If you really want to know what happens here and how the war has shaped the culture and life of Northern Ireland you must go to this tour. Best value and best guide ever! A MUST DO IN BELFAST!”

“I’m glad I stumbled on this tour – it turned out to be my highlight of Belfast – DO NOT MISS THIS!!!”

“As a regular visitor to Belfast I have experienced the majority of tours available that deal with the troubles. I found this tour to be the best of the lot.” 

“The tour guides told stories that were gripping and moving. My guests said it was the highlight of their trip to Belfast.”

 “Great value and a fantastic experience.”